My three-onion soup

I’m pretty sure I’m not the first to cook this soup but I’m pretty sure  it was really heartwarming to eat when I cooked it for the first time one winter evening.

Also, I must admit that I’m not really a soup lover. But I have a French husband, whose mother and grandmother cooked rich creamy soups every winter, and I have a mother, whose chicken broth and soup are the best in the whole world (seriously). Everyone loves this part of the menu apart from me.

This recipe is quick to make and also a cheap one. You can cook it easily on a weekday evening. Serve it with grated cheese, Maggi, croutons, cream, toasted onions – any one of those you like, or just on its own.

I usually have all the ingredients in my pantry from early autumn until the end of the winter. If, by any chance, I run out of cream, I use sour cream or yoghurt. You can also use less cream than I do of course. If I use sour cream or yoghurt, I use only about 150 ml, maybe 200 ml and use more water or stock.

hagymaleves 3

Leeks in Canada and in France is thicker and shorter than that I usually get in Hungary. I use only one of the French-type, but of the thinner ones I would normally use two. And I also use the green part of the leek.

The other two types of onion I use in this recipes are according to my own taste. You can, of course, use as many as you wish. If you don’t have yellow onions, red or white onions will do, too, but shallots are the bests. As for garlic, I use at least five to eight cloves if not more.

So, go ahead and make this wonderful, creamy, hot soup. It’s windy and cold here, so it will be wonderful to have this tonight. And for the second course, I’ll make croque-monsieur.




1 bigger or 2 smaller leeks

1 yellow onion

5-8 cloves of garlic

300 ml cream (can be sour cream or yoghurt)

600 ml water or stock (chicken or vegetable stock)

oil and butter

salt and pepper to taste

(grated nutmeg)

First, chop the leek. take off the first two or three outside layers. Cut the green bit, rinse layer by layer under running water to make sure the sand stuck on the leaves is washed off . Chop these leaves in small bits, cut the white parts in half lengthwise, and cut it like the green layers. Put this aside, and pour some oil and about a tablespoon of butter in a skillet or saucepan. When the butter has melted, put the leek in the saucepan, cover it, and let it cook on medium heat. You need about 5 to 7 minutes, the time you need to dice the onions and the garlic.

When the leek is cooked (the bits are soft but not brown, and they lost some volume), throw in the other onions. When you can smell the garlic, pour in the cream and the stock or water, season to taste, and let it simmer under the lid. In about 25 minutes purée the soup with a blender.

hagymaleves 4

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