My favourite waffles

I have a sourdough starter in my fridge. I have a sourdough starter in my fridge because I'm making bread every week. I'm making bread every week, because the bread we have here is not really good, or if it's good it's also very expensive. So I choose to make my own bread. To be … Bővebben: My favourite waffles

What to bake in five minutes

Mug cakes. Honestly, I had doubts. But they're all gone. I don't like microwave ovens, but now we have one that comes with the flat. So this is a great time to try some recipes that call for it. I looked at some recipes online to see the main point of mug cakes, looked in … Bővebben: What to bake in five minutes

The simplest doughnuts ever

This year my kid fell ill for Mardi Gras and so I had no time or energy for a real doughnut, although I honestly wanted to make the best, fluffiest, glazed doughnuts ever. In Hungary, we celebrate the Carnival season in schools every year, the children dress up, eat doughnuts and sing away the winter. … Bővebben: The simplest doughnuts ever